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Ooops! Company is an international physical and visual theater company formed by Nathalie Cecilia and Kristina Orlovic in 2014. Their work includes different technical skills combining physical theater, contemporary dance, clown, mime and audiovisual elements. The company collaborates with several artists of music, digital arts, photography and video to communicate its originality in expression and artistic exploration.

NATHALIE CECILIA Creation, interpretation and music


Nathalie, of swiss and spanish nationality, is an actress and musician. After studying Music at the Jaques-Dalcroze Institute in Geneva and Dramatic Arts at the Conservatoire National de Marseille, she specializes in Corporal Mime (Étienne Decroux technique) at the Moveo International School in Barcelona. She participates as an actress, dancer, musician (piano and saxophone) and composer in various shows in Switzerland, France and Spain, particularly under the direction of Jean-Pierre Raffaelli, Mercedes Brawand and Daniel Holliger. She acts in the videos of "Aphrodite and the Trial of Paris" and "Die Erwartung," two shows created by the company La Fura del Baus, and since 2011 she has worked on numerous projects with designer Esterina Zarrillo. In 2013, she opens two shows with her collective AbreTeatro in Barcelona: "Miss Julie" by August Strindberg, where she acts and directs with Jessica Sowerby and Josep Mollar Casafont, and "El Bloqueo", which co-creates and directs with Ilaria Olivari. In 2015, she enters the world of Music'Hall with the show "La Revue et non corrigée" in Geneva, and begins her collaboration with the singer-songwriter Kiland who accompanies with the voice and the saxophone. She also collaborates with the company Moveo in the show "Where am I when I am two?". In 2016, Nathalie works as an interpreter in the show "Gulliver's Dream" directed by Roland Olbeter, premiered at the Grec Festival and will be presented at the National Theater of Catalonia in February 2017. She currently works as co-founder of the international physical and visual company Ooops! Company with the croatian artist Kristina Orlovic with whom she has created 2 shows: "Libre" (2015) and "Orphic" (2017).

KRISTINA ORLOVIC Creation, interpretation and set design


Kristina is a dancer, actress and set designer born in Zagreb (Croatia). In 2003 she moved to Italy where gained a degree in set design at the Academy of Fine arts in Florence, graduating in 2009. During that period she participated in the productions entitled "Magnetico" (2005) and "Magnetica city" (2006) in collaboration with Teatro Studio (Florence) and Fabrizio Crisafulli.

After graduating she moved to Barcelona in 2010 where she specialized in physical theatre at the International School of Corporeal Mime MOVEO graduating in 2013. Kristina has extended her training with courses of theatre with Peeping Tom and of butoh dance with Yoshito Ohno, Sayoko Onishi, Imre Thorman, Yumico Yoshioka, Cia. Cuerpo Transitorio and contemporary dance in Italy, Spain and Croatia where she also participated in different artistic projects of theatre and dance expression.

She also worked as a member of Vueltabajo Theatre with multidisciplinary international artists in Cultural Association Magatzem Voltaire in Barcelona where she directed and created her solo piece “La Soledad” and butoh dance duo “El visitante de la oscuridad” with catalan artist Lydia Zapatero.

Since 2013 she works as a founder of physical theatre company Ooops! with Nathalie Pierrehumbert where they collaborate with two musical and digital artists, Sebastián Jara Bunster and Andrés Satué. Their first creation is entitled LIBRE.



Andres is a musician and Sound Engineer. He studied sound in Galicia and Audio Production in Sae Barcelona. Presently he plays the keyboard and guitar for the band Lendrone and now he’s living in Barcelona working with various theatre companies and in his personal electronic music project «Esquelas», with which he has recently been chosen to participate in the Red Bull Academy in Madrid. He has worked on various audiovisual productions, recording and creating soundtracks in different styles.

His music focuses on the idea of transforming the sound into something physical and tangible to the listener by the use of low frequencies of great power and expressiveness.

Since 2014, he collaborated with Ooops ! Company and creats the soundtrack of « Libre » show.

SEBASTIAN JARA BUNSTER Video projection and lights


Sebastian studied music composition in Chile and continued his studies in Barcelona (Spain). He has also participated as a musician in musical projects with folk origins and was a member of the «Arroz con leche» collective and participated in the «Dual» project as a composer. He was a student of Gabriel Brncic, José Manuel Berenguer, Andrés Lewin-Richter, Luis Esteban, and Juan Matos Capote. In 2010 he recorded an album with the band «XOC» edited by Kasba Music in Barcelona.

Currently he is studying a master in sound art at the University of Barcelona in search of new experiences with digital arts and collaborating with the Ooops! company where he explores the universe of light and video projection.

ANNA SANDRINI Video and photography


Born in Tarvisio on the beautiful Italian Alps,  she moved to Padova to study Humanities and to develop personally and professionally. In 2009 obtained a degree in Philosophy with full mark and honour. During her years in Padova flourished an interest in photography and audiovisual language; therefore she moved to Barcelona where she joined the Independent University to study a Master in Theory and Practical Work for Creative Documentary. In July 2010 completed the Master directing the photography of "La Ricarda" documentary, produced by catalan Television TV3. This course consolidated her knowledge and experience in the theory of editing and also the more technical aspects of post production work. In july 2011 completed the Advance Course in Film Editing organized by "La Case del Cine", school of film production in Barcelona. In 2011 she moved to Rome, home of italian cinema. "Anthos Produzioni" immediately recognized her potential and contribute to her first professional step for a career as freelance video editor and photographer. 

Currently she is following freelance works between Bologna, Rome and Barcelona. 


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