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LIBRE is an artistic union of different theatrical disciplines in which the relationship between corporeal movement, sound and video projection extend out in the space, each discipline therefore influencing the other in the search to express the interior world of the characters.
It is a visual and metaphorical creation that reveals a sensitive woman, divided, irritated, the victim of her own thoughts, desires and nightmares. LIBRE explores the borders between the body and the soul, the reality and the imagination inside a world that is said to be «free».

The creation is set in an undefined space, in other words; a space in constant change, with the aim to give meaning to that moment in time in which we are suspended between the « entry » and the «exit» of a chaos of emotions, thoughts, dreams and memories. It is a fragmented world that is destroyed by its own self.



Creation and interpretation: Nathalie Cecilia and Kristina Orlovic

Lighting design and video projection: Sebastian Jara Bunster

Music composition: Andrés Satué

Costumes: Mary Villars Tonicello

Photos: Carlo de Rosa

Visuals: Valerie Pierrehumbert


Production: Ooops! Company

Coproduction: Ville de Genève, Commune de Collonge-Bellerive, Association A.R.T, Dance Area (Geneva), Moveo- physical theatre and corporeal mime, centre and Theatre Rai Art, centre civic de la Barceloneta, centre civic Guinardo (Barcelona)

Collaboration: Esterina Zarrillo, Gustavo Lizarralde, Luisfe Rivera, Eury Orsini, Zuleira Soto Roman, Juan Carlos Sanchez, Bénédict Dupraz, Ludovic Wrobel, Olivier Décriaud, Jessica Sowerby, Aless Lo Verde, Philippe Herdewyn, Georges Tombet, Charls Hieronymi, Daniel Pierrehumbert, Carmen Pierrehumbert, Marie-Adélaïde Lo, Coralie Girard, Gorana Mijic.

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